What was that song?

All day I’ve had a song on my mind, been singing along with it, but now I’m fed up… so I thought I would share it and maybe escape its thrall by sharing it here… but do you think I can now remember it? Can I heck! I thought it might be called ‘I could be so happy’, or ‘All of the things you do’…. but no…

Anyway in trailing through a whole variety of songs it isn’t, somehow I ended up with a favourite band in my head, replacing the elusive one… Aztec Camera… ‘Somewhere In My Heart’… many, many years ago I was going through a bad patch, and as I was emerging from the other side I found Aztec Camera and must have played their CD until it was nearly worn out… and I never once saw a video or knew what they looked like… all I have is their music, their lyrics and their voices… anyway, here is…

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