White fingers…

Just recently, I suppose due to me sitting in a chilly room working here, little moving except my fingers on the keyboard, those fingers have gradually gone paler, then whiter then white, numb and useless… I’ve had this on and off for as long as I can remember, but over the last little while it sees to have become  more frequent… age? weight? state of the world?

Many people will recognize this as Raynaud’s syndrome; for most of us who get it it’s easy to warm the hands  and get blood circulating, and to semi-control by keeping warm, keeping fit etc, but for many it is much moire serious, very serious sometimes and needs to be treated by medication or in some cases, surgery.

Fortunately for me, I just get a couple of white fingers which are soon returned to pink… I got wondering… who was Raynaud who had the syndrome – a vasospastic disorder which contracts blood vessels in extremities – named after him? He was Dr Maurice Raynaud, born in Auguste Gabriel Maurice, 1834, in Paris, the son of a doctor. He worked in Parisian hospitals but sadlydied from heart failure when he was only forty-six, an eminent man.

Maurice was apparently a great teacher and wrote many books; he was widely respected during his life, but these days we only know of him because of his syndrome.


  1. David Lewis

    I started to get arthritic pain in my right thumb and my left thumb shortly after a few months ago. I started to eat my ginger root again but tried rubbing some olive oil on my hands as well. .Almost back to normal now and can do my crosswords and most important work out at the gym. I drink about 2oz of olive oil a day as it reduces the chance of a stroke or heart attack by 85%.Now if only I could get my back fixed. Not about to take a bath in olive oil yet.


    1. Lois

      I had some chilli lotion for joints and aches, and I used it on a stiff thumb joint and it was really good… had to be careful to wash hands really carefully afterwards and not rub my eyes!!


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