Let there be a way through the water…

Algerine Memorial

In Portsmouth, strolling about in the sunshine, and we came across this memorial to the  men and ships of our navy, and the Canadian navy who served during the war, defending other shipping and our coastline from mines.

We stopped because a friend’s father served on one of the ships, and then I noticed a name I recognized among the Canadian vessels, HMCS Sault Ste. Marie; it was customary, I believe for the Canadian navy to name their ships and other vessels after places, and Sault Ste. Marie is in Ontario. The mine sweeper with that name was launched in 1942 from Port Arthur, where she had been built, and commissioned the following year. She served as part of the escort during the battle of the Atlantic, as the Senior Officer Ship, the commander of the whole escort was  aboard her during all convoy missions. She was decommissioned after the war, but recommissioned in 1949, decommissioned again in 1959 and eventually scrapped in 1960, although one of her guns can be found in the city




  1. David Lewis

    I never knew that there was a ship named after my city Lois. I hope you were thinking of me at the time? I was in the student militia when I was sixteen and was asked to train for an officer after college so have quite an interest in our armed forces and I am proud of our citizens war efforts.


    1. Lois

      I was! As soon as I saw it I asked my husband to take a picture because he has a better camera than me! Did you suddenly get a vibe on Saturday? If so that was me sending best wishes from Portsmouth!


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