Slips of the tongue? Brainslides?

Here is a further selection from my days at work:

  1. Tethering (dithering)
  2. The scatter cushion effect  (scatter gun)
  3. Positivity
  4. I’m vindicated of all responsibility
  5. Her hair was like a Beefeater (bearskin
  6. Crisps contain a lot of salt and e-factors
  7. The balls are in motion
  8. We now have to deal with the outshot of it all
  9. I’ve been given a form from River Island to fill in “ (Inland Revenue )
  10. D: She fancies me. J: she’s so disillusioned
  11. To a student telling a fib “Watch my beard grow whiter!”
  12. I can see your chin growing longer (Pinoccio’s nose)
  13. Celebrity sausages.
  14. If he’s upset we’ll suffer the backlog. (backlash)
  15. He’s all piss and vinegar.
  16. Lying out of his seat.
  17. I never have much success with that toilet in the ladies towel, its either pulled down and not changed or its pulled down all the time.
  18. Swathey
  19. A gunpowder plot boy
  20. She’s not the brightest cookie in the jamjar

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