The ears have walls

Here’s a further selection of things overheard at work… honestly, I’m chuckling as I’m rereading them!

  1. A complete whitewash excuse
  2. Teenage boys always have their hands down their trousers, haven’t you seen them? Its complicated down there
  3. The best thing since Cheddar cheese
  4. Meetwins (meetings)
  5. J: When did you swallow the dictionary? D: after you.  J: eeeuw
  6. D: There’s a fly in the ointment. P: there are many flies in this ointment
  7. The ears have walls
  8. Ear sex… J: what’s ear sex?
  9. That was a bit below the table (below the belt)
  10. He probably has a bed in his bedroom
  11. Tomorrow are we going to take the group who come first, first?
  12. She said it through grated teeth. Grated? No I meant clenched!! Oh no that’s your buttocks isn’t it?
  13. My mum can’t come to the review because she has no petrol
  14. Breathalysation
  15.  I once went to a stretching seminar
  16.  I can give you a reiki. I am very good at something being done to me and then knowing what to do.
  17. The fur on top of a cappuccino
  18. Macbeth – the Thorn of Caydor, The Dawn of Caydor, The Corn of Thaydor (it should, of course, have been the Thane of Cawdor)
  19. Oh that old cherry (chestnut)
  20. chicken dressed as mutton

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