The House for Kilts

One of the delightful things about nineteenth and early twentieth century books, especially it seems, cookery and household management books, there are interesting advertisements on the inside covers and sometimes extra pages at the back. sometimes these adverts have a connection with the book, stoves, kitchen utensils, dietary aids, but sometimes they just seem utterly random.

In a book published in 1920, a cookery book, I found this delightful advertisement for Rowans’ kilts; at the time of the advertisement they had been making kilts for Scotsmen ‘and their boys’ for nearly sixty years. We order so many items on-line, but even in the past, the post office and postal system was used to order and supply goods. ‘Though you live at the furthermost corner of the earth,’ Rowan’s would be delighted po post a copy of their catalogue ‘”The Kilt and its accessories”.



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