Isn’t there any good news… anywhere?

I try to keep up with the news, I like to know what’s going on in the world; we listen to the morning news programme from seven till nine, quite often catch the mid-day news, then watch it all in the evening, and that’s the time when there is local news. During the day I also dip into the BBC website to see if anything new is happening.

I’m getting to a point where I don’t really want to check any more… I am sure there are all sorts of news items about brave people, loyal people, helpful people, kind and loving people, triumphs, achievements, success… But where is it reported?

Here are the items headlined on the BBC England news page:

  • Man guilty of killing police officer
  • Man jailed for setting fire to his wife
  • Sports Direct boss brands MPs a joke
  • Life for jealous killer of pianist
  • Ex-sergeant denies ‘soldier sex order’
  • Hatton Garden ring leader jailed
  • fatal attack police dog destroyed
  • PCSO jailed for rape and bestiality
  • supporter charged with running on pitch
  • police custody death trial halted
  • man guilty of pregnant mum murder
  • jail for volleyball star who raped girl

All these things happened, I know, and they should all be reported… but couldn’t they be balanced with other items of news? To be fair among the six ‘watch/listen’ news items there is the marvellous story about the competition to name a new Royal Research ship and the favourite in the poll is Boaty McBoatface, and there is also an item on the world’s biggest aircraft, a new airship, and a gold-leafed surfboard… but also in this section there’s a thing about skate-boarders who spit, homeless people and a murdered policeman.

It seems as if there is nothing newsworthy in inspired people who do great things… Yes, I want what’s happening in the world, but a with a bit of balance against all this doom and gloom, violence and cruelty.


  1. David Lewis

    There are a lot of wonderful people in the world doing great unselfish deeds but they don’t get or want any credit. The news wants to shock or titillate you. As my Dad said when I left home “It’s a jungle out there son” He also could have said that you will meet some great people but that fact never seems to get the nod.

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  2. David Lewis

    Two drunken American lady tourists were in a pub in Scotland when a big burly chap wearing a kilt walks in.The one lady dares her friend to ask the fella what he wears under his kilt. Hey Scotty she says what all do wear under that there kilt thing she bravely asks? Put your hand up and find out for yourself he replies. She puts her hand up slowly then quickly pulls it back and yells ” That’s gruesome! Put it back up Scotty says cause it just grew some more.

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