Even more musings…

I mentioned a while ago that I found a book offering the helpful suggestion of using objects as a way to move forward with writing… when you’re stuck, when the ideas won’t come, when the characters’ situations seem hopeless, and the twists of the plot are unravelling… what to do… The book was supposed to have a set of ‘runes’ with it, and had a guide on how to use them. For my writing group I gathered my own set of objects to consider, and think about symbolic as well as literal ‘meanings to them, and personal significance too – which would be unique to each writer.

This is what I thought about for my own ‘inspiration’…

  1. kaleidoscope – looking at things differently, seeing meaning in random things, beauty from broken pieces (the patterns in a kaleidoscope always look like bits of broken glass to me)
  2. broken pot – literally something broken, something old, something obsolete, disappointment maybe
  3. spoon – stirring, enabling (drinking hot soup with a spoon is easier than without, making batter is easier with a wooden spoon to beat it with)
  4. cup – empty space, a nothing which is useful (you can’t put tea in a full cup, but you can in an empty cup) containing/holding
  5. candle – illumination, ephemeral, temporary,
  6. rosemary – so many known associations, but maybe for me family – as I have two Rosemaries in my family, strong leaves take a long time to decompose so maybe endurance, cheerful little flowers, positive thoughts… maybe!
  7. olive leaf – again so many things already associated with it – peace, for example, but maybe a reminder of the fruit of an olive tree (or is that cheating?)
  8. boat – voyage, journey, travel, maybe actually, maybe mentally – a wooden sailing boat may have a different association from a powered boat
  9. dead flower – enduring beauty, a seed within, a reminder/memory
  10. seaglass – mystery! Whatever it was, it’s now not and impossible to say what it was , battered and smoothed by sea and sand

There were twenty objects, and today we considered the other ten, and here are my own ideas… I am sure everyone else’s will be different!

  1. pebble – endurance, beauty from age, smoothness
  2. shell – enclosing, protection, a shield, a perfect object – mathematical precision
  3. small elephant – intelligence, longevity – of memory as well as individuals, strength, stamina, patience
  4. chicken/cockerel – morning, dawn, new ideas
  5. foreign coin – finding worth in unexpected things
  6. plastic peg – holding together, a fresh start (thinking of clean washing flapping on the line!) closed/closure
  7. key – understanding, solutions, openings, undoing, revealing
  8. tree bark – disguise, defense
  9. lichen – mystery, enigma, unexpected beauty in unexpected places
  10. plectrum – music, poetry, harmony, creativity

noony%27s runes

Maybe I started the wrong way round, maybe I should have had the ideas first and found objects to match them…

The book I mentioned is “Stones from the Muse – Runes for the Creative Journey”

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