Bare-buckle knoxing

Here is a further set of spoonerisms, malapropisms, slips of the tongue… I still can’t remember what bobfoc means!

  1. someone get a machete and shoot me
  2. water off a duck’s arse
  3. we’ve had that fruit since we bought it
  4. Smoke on your face (egg on your face)
  5.  Bobfoc, you’ll know it when you know it
  6. Obviously we don’t have crystal balls
  7.  You could cut the ice with a knife
  8. Best thing since Cheddar cheese
  9. A three man snake
  10. Bare-buckle knoxing
  11. I can see your chin growing.
  12.  about an Amish woman: was she born an Amonite? (Mennonite)
  13. he only went aloof twice (awol)
  14. The right arm doesn’t know what the left arm is doing
  15. I didn’t realise what a lovely shape it was until Belinda got it out
  16. He must use a time-keeping machine to try to be on time.
  17. Having had a very good start in terms 1 and 2, Jay has fallen off the top of the mountain in terms 3 and 4
  18. bushy eyed and bright tailed
  19. That boy has Tourette’s in his arse
  20. Stop talking me to in that patronosing voice


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