Hello Dolphin friends

Having been away for a week, sampling the delights of Kentish beer, namely the excellent Pale from Larkins Brewery, we thought we ought to just pop down to our local, the Dolphin.

There were just the two of us – well, there were lots of other people in the pub but we just sat together talking over our lovely holiday with our lovely family.  We saw a few people we knew, all in conversation with others, and we were quite happy, just nattering to each other. A new snack on offer was Snaffling Pig crackling and I got a pot of the habenero flavoured variety… to cut a long story short, the couple on the next table looked interested in our crackling… we offered it to for them to try, they got some salt and pepper crackling which we tried, and from our mutual discussion about its merits we wandered conversationally off into a variety of other topics… children, American elections, the Belgian Congo…

What a pleasant evening we had, what a very nice couple! They were so interesting, and seemed interested in our nattering on about Iceland, life in Australia, rugby…

This is what is so wonderful about pubs… you meet the most interesting people! I just hope we meet them again! Meanwhile, if you’re interested here are links to Kentish beer and crackling:



…. “LARKINS PALE: ABV 4.2% A full flavoured Kentish-style pale ale, packed with hops grown on Larkins Farm and with not a hint of grapefruit! This latest addition to the Larkins range is the colour of malt whisky, and is available year round…”

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