Family meals…

As I’ve mentioned before, I am so fortunate with my family, so lucky to have such wonderful relations! Every Easter, a gang of us share a big house for a week. It’s something we all look forward to, and now, just home from being together, I am already looking forward to next time we all see each other. We have been doing this with only one year’s break for fourteen years, and we have been all over the country.

We started for the first three years to visit Derbyshire. then we tried the Forest of Dean, then Shropshire for a couple of years, Cumbria for two visits, Yorkshire, Devon, Norfolk, and for the last two years we’ve been to beautiful Kent. The largest number of us was twenty-eight, we nearly made it again this year but only managed twenty-seven, all sitting round the table for a magnificent roast dinner on Easter Sunday! meal times together are wonderful; each of the five families cooks on one night, and on the first night we always have sausages, sometimes with jacket potatoes, sometimes with mash, and on the last night we have ham and left overs.

Here’s our menu selection this year:

  1. Friday – Powters sausages, mash, beans, gravy – salmon as the veggie option
  2. Saturday – goulash and veggie goulash with sour cream and chopped coriander (should have been parsley but we forgot to buy any!), rice, salad
  3. Sunday – roast dinner – the works! Roast pork and roast chicken, gravy, apple sauce, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, cabbage, peas, carrots, sugar snap peas, green beans, Yorkshire puddings… and maybe other things too! Salmon and leftover veggie goulash…
  4. Monday – lasagna and veggie moussaka, salad, potato wedges
  5. Tuesday – chicken and ham pie, mash, vegetables, bubble and squeak
  6. Wednesday – chicken Thai curry with sugar snap peas and rice
  7. Thursday – left overs (no need to roast a ham this time, lots of other things to finish up!) bubble and squeak, baked Camembert for a veggie option

We don’t make desserts, each family makes a cake and brings it… when I say a cake, in actual fact there are usually several!

  • home-made Battenburg
  • lemon drizzle
  • chocolate chip chocolate cake
  • coconut tarts
  • flapjack
  • cookies with miniature choc eggs baked in them
  • rocky road
  • chocolate brownies
  • date and walnut cake
  • … and much more that I can’t remember!

And finally, if we feel peckish, there are at least two tins of sausage rolls, home-made with Powters sausage meat… and quite often a few chipolatas left over from breakfast!

Oh, and we’ve booked a place in Ross-on-Wye for next year!



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