Cooked cabbage slaw…

This sounds extremely unlikely, that cooked cabbage might make a slaw – but in fact it made a delicious slaw! It was a savoy, and I’d steamed it finely sliced up with some chopped up red pepper and I would have added some onion or leek except I didn’t have any. I splashed on some sesame oil, some blobs of hot horseradish sauce, some blobs of very hot coriander chutney, salt and mixed spice before it was cooked, so the flavours sunk in while it was steaming away. I didn’t let it over cook, and drained and turned it out into a dish. When it was cold I added more horseradish and chutney, but not too much, some coarsely chopped cashews and some mayo… and I can tell you it was really yummy!

BENVARDEN 6Not a savoy, but I’m sure it would work just as well!

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