Omnia explorate

Visiting wonderful Wotton House, ancestral home of the Evelyn family, at the weekend I was captivated by so many things… the setting, the house, the bricks… I would love to go back to explore more! As you go up the stairs to the magnificent entrance you might notice some letters carved into the façade… we couldn’t make them out properly, but once inside we discovered it was part of the family motto, ‘omnia explorate meliora retinete’… explore everything, retain the better, and I thought that could be my motto really, especially the omnia explorate… explore all – not just physically or geographically as in going on an expedition, but by leaning about things, seeing, listening, reading, doing, thinking…

When I was at school we had to fill in some forms, and there was a small box for ‘interests’… well I had so many, I ran out of space in the box! I wanted to know about the stars, the earth, the seas, our history, language, people, books, food… So much to find out, to learn!

I’ve been pondering on the last half of the motto, retain the better… well, sometimes the better or the best is out of our reach, and sometimes things which aren’t the best, or even any good, are also interesting and can act as a balance, a contrast, dark and light, good and bad…



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