2 thoughts on “More bricks

  1. George is my 9th. great grandfather, Richard is my great grand uncle and John is my first cousin.
    My wife and I also visited the Wotton house in 2011, indeed it is a marvelous place. I to one day word like to go back to again have the feel of being near my ancestors.
    I came across this website in search of a picture of George. I have looked and looked for the names of the four full size paintings of the two men and two ladies that are by the staircase near the front entry. I would be very grateful for any help with a picture of George or names for the paintings.
    Thank you for sharing this site.
    James Evelyn
    Huntsville, UT USA

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    • Hi James! How nice to connect in this way! How proud you must be to have John Evelyn as your relative – I read his work years and years ago, and have reread it since and I was thrilled to visit Wotton, so I can guess how very excited you must have been! I will see what I can find out! best wishes, Lois


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