Rather yummy

I’ve mentioned before that we have a vegetable box delivered each week… it’s all very nice, but because it is a random selection and we never know what we’re getting, sometimes we seem to have rather a lot of something only I like… you see my husband doesn’t like greens at all, and that includes things like cucumber, courgettes, lettuce… although I have got him to try peppery rocket which he will eat a few leaves of.

Today we got a bag of lovely purple sprouting broccoli… My dad used to grow it, and just before dinner was ready, mum would run down the garden and cut enough for us, run back and throw it into already salted boiling water just for a few minutes. It was one of my favourites! because of this memory I don’t like to keep broccoli hanging about… what we received today was probably picked yesterday…

Because I’m the only one who eats it, I decided to have some for lunch as well as some for dinner tonight… and somehow I got inspired, and this is what I did…

  • purple sprouting broccoli, the thick stalks and leaves cut off (you can use them another time)
  • a mixture of mayonnaise and plain thick yoghurt, proportions 2/1 ( for my rather large serving for one I had two tbsp mayo, one tbsp yoghurt)
  • 1 large (or more) tsp pesto – I used garlic pesto, home-made with ransoms (wild garlic)
  • smoked salmon pieces
  • salad to serve
  1. steam the broccoli lightly until just cooked and the stalks still bright green, the heads still deep purple
  2. strain and quickly refresh in cold water
  3. put in a bowl and chop roughly so it’s still in big pieces and not mushed up
  4. stir in the mayo and yoghurt and pesto
  5. stir in the pieces of salmon
  6. make a salad of your choice to serve (I had lettuce, courgette, cucumber, red onion, grapes, teriyaki sauce, olive oil – no need for salt as the broccoli mix is already quite seasoned enough)

I can’t show you a picture of it because I ate it all!


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