Another dilemma and decision time…

I’ve been busy editing a novel I had “completed” a couple of years ago… note the quote marks; when I started work on it, several months ago I really didn’t realise there was so much work to do on it. I had remembered it as being complete, I hadn’t remembered it only being the main plot line which was complete, and had forgotten the jumps in continuity, the missing bits, the extra bits, the irrelevant bits, the overwritten bits, the underwritten bits and all the hundreds, no, thousands of extra unnecessary words.

I knew editing is quite tedious, all the meticulous work that has to be done spotting errors, typos, repetitions, missing punctuation, incorrect punctuation, clichés and so on, but with such a long novel (it’s going to be long even when it’s the ‘right’ length) and in an effort to stave off the dulling of my senses I started writing a new novel, and I’m about three fifths of the way through it, and it’s going well.

My dilemma: the long novel I’m working on is months and months off being ready, but I’m beginning to have confidence that I’ll be pleased with it when I’ve finished knocking it into shape. I was way off the mark when I anticipated finishing it by Easter… which of course is nearly a month ago. If I am realistic I think I can say it will be published by Christmas. The nub of the dilemma is, should I give up writing my new novel which is stimulating me  and keeping my creativity going, give it up for the moment and concentrate on the editing.

I need to decide, should I push on with the new novel and give more writing time to it, should I keep going as I am, or should I give up the new novel and concentrate on the long haul of editing the complete novel.

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