The latest on Swiss chard

I found the recipes to use for Swiss chard… It’s something which arrives from time to time in my veg box; it’s a vegetable which we never had at home, and I’ve never bought it either… so I had a bit of a ponder on how to use it.

The leaves I was going to cook quickly in boiling water (apparently there is acid in the leaves which can be extracted by boiling…) and pickle the stems. So I cooked the leaves and was going to dress them with a nice oil and vinegar mix, bit of seasoning, little bit of garlic, sprinkle of spice, but first I had to properly drain them, pressing out the excess water as you would with spinach. I left them to drain over the sink, only to return to find them covered in tea leaves and onion skins… My husband thought they were ready to go on the compost…

“Don’t worry! I’ll wash them for you!”

“Um… no thanks!”



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