Absent-mindedness and serendipity

I just popped into a supermarket to pick up a few things, some nuts, some chorizo, some toilet paper, and I managed to find a few bargains, some cheese, some olives, some stuffed sweet peppers… I drifted around for a while and then went to the check out. There was quite a queue which was fortunate, because while standing in the queue, I realised I hadn’t got my debit card with me and only had a few pounds in cash… What an idiot!

I left the queue and went and found an assistant and explained and a I lived too far away to dash home, get the card and return, he kindly said he would sort out my basket of bargains. Feeling foolish I went through the shop to go back to the car and there in front of me was a lovely friend I hadn’t seen for ages. I used to work with her and although we’d briefly seen each other a couple of weeks ago, it was ages since we’d properly got together.

She had just finished a hard day’s work and was really ready to go home, so after exchanging our news, we promised to see each other again soon, had a hug and she went to finish her shopping and i went to find my car.

Now if I hadn’t forgotten my card, if I had stayed in the queue and paid for my groceries, I wouldn’t have bumped into her… so wasn’t that fortunate after all?!

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