Running across the road

I’m sure we’ve all seen it, and I’m sure most of us have done it. You’re waiting to cross a road or you’re at a crossing, or you’re in a carpark walking to the shops, or back to your car and some kind person stops to let you cross. Then, even though the person has stopped, and even though even if he or she hadn’t they would try their best not to run you over, you break into a little skipping run. it isn’t a proper run, it maybe only a couple of paces, but you speed up to hurry, even though the car is stopped… Why?

I’m not talking about anyone stupidly running across a road where it isn’t safe, I mean when the traffic stops to let you cross, quite safely, you still have this silly little run, almost a shuffle, which actually isn’t any quicker than just walking normally.

Every time I’m waiting at a crossing and a car slows down, often with a friendly smile on the driver’s face, even though I say to myself ‘don’t run, just walk‘, I still do the same silly little skip, walk, run, walk skip. When I’m driving and I stop for a pedestrian, I will them not to run, ‘I’m not going to run you over, honestly!’

I suppose it’s not wanting to inconvenience people, but it’s just silly… and still I do it!

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