Just a few weeks ago

Memory is so interesting.. some things you remember so vividly, in every single detail down to the tiniest thing – even unimportant events can be permanently imprinted on your mind, and when you recall them everything flashes back vividly. For example for no reason at all a couple of weeks ago, I was passing a shop with an open door, and glancing in saw two people who worked there, one with his back to me, the other facing him… Why should I remember that? Why should I remember that as precisely as if I was looking at a photo?

At other times, even the most important, meaningful and vital memories just disappear, or were somehow never retrained even a few hours after whatever it was happened. Sometimes you struggle and strive to recall someone’s name, or the last time you saw them or what they were wearing.

Yesterday we were in Bristol and happened to drop into the Alma Tavern for a drink; I had been there for the first time a few weeks previously to see Kevin Montgomery. As soon as I walked in yesterday, I could remember being there in crystal clarity… Some time later, trying to remember where I’d parked the car, I had absolutely no clue!

IMG_20160227_202142289Kevin Montgomery

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