Customer service

Imagine you are on your own working in a phone shop… there may be other people out the back, but when customers come in, all they see is you.

Now, imagine a customer comes in with a complicated query, maybe she wants a new phone, maybe there’s trouble with the phone she has at present, maybe it’s just a general enquiry. So you are there helping her, really involved in her problem.

Into the shop drifts some more people, another lady and her daughter… or maybe you don’t notice them… The other lady and daughter have come in quite purposefully and are looking at a particular phone, which they might want to buy, or at least enquire about.

Do you glance up at them and give them a nod as if to say, ‘be with you in a minute’ or even just a smile? No… No??? No, you don’t? Well you jolly well should!

After another five or so minutes, you are still busy with your customer, still the only assistant in the shop, and still the other lady and her daughter are standing there… they obviously want to talk to you or someone about a phone… So now do you look up, nod, smile, or perhaps even say to them ‘I’ll be with you in a minute, so sorry to keep you waiting…’ No? Not even now? Not even when they’ve been standing there for about ten minutes? Not even though they will probably be spending money in the shop, from which you might earn some commission? No? Still no? Not even a tiny nod, smile, bob of the head? No? Well you are really rude and now look, that lady and her daughter have walked out of the shop and gone across the street to another shop where they are going to buy a phone from them! And what is more, they are going to tell all their friends about you and your phone shop, and the lady is going to write on her blog…

Yes, this happened to me today…


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