Tomorrow’s writing group

In our writing group we’ve been looking at different types of writing, reviews, descriptions, stories of different kinds… the sort of thing you’d expect… Tomorrow we’re going to think about arguing! The media has been full of all sorts of political debate, what with the local elections, and elections for police commissioners and mayors, and with important decision to be made by voters about whether they wish to remain within or leave the European Union…

We’re not going to go into such controversial grounds, I don’t want to fall out with anyone, or have any of the group falling out with each other… so I have a series of questions for them to consider, and make an argument for their point of view:

For or against…

  • Tif vs mif? – When drinking tea should it be tea in first or milk in first… similarly, should it be cif vs mif – coffee in first or milk in first?
  • Should there be an English national costume?
  • Should bicycles and bike riders have right of way over pedestrians and other traffic?
  • Just as the French have L’Académie Francaise, should there be an English Academy to properly govern and regulate our language?
  • Cream tea – is the Cornish way correct (jam on first then cream) or the Devon way (cream on first then jam)… and is there a Somerset way? … a Dorset way?
  • U or non-U? Did it ever matter, does it still matter?
  • Is it acceptable to dunk biscuits into tea/coffee/drinking chocolate?
  • Should privet hedges be banned?

It’s all about language and how we use it!


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