May 2002

It’s almost exactly fourteen years ago to the day that we moved into our house here. Up until December 2001, we had been living in Oldham in Lancashire,, and then for various reasons we moved to the west country. We had been hoping to move down for some time, and had a base in my father’s bungalow where in the years leading up to our move we would stay, and wander round the village looking at property, dreaming that one day we might actually be able to live here.

As the years went by we saw lots of houses come onto the market; we couldn’t move as we needed to have jobs, but we would watch property come up for sale, some we might have afforded, some beyond our reach. There was one house which for some reason just didn’t sell; it wasn’t within our budget but every time we walked past we thought how nice it seemed and wondered why it hadn’t been snapped up; convenient to all the village facilities, round the corner from the school, a quarter of a mile to the sea and to the boat yard… There must be some secret thing wrong with it.

We moved just before Christmas 2001 and began looking round for somewhere to live as my father’s place was too small for the family… when we looked at the price of the house that never sold we found it had stayed the same for a couple of years, and now we could afford it… but… but why hadn’t it sold?

We booked to view the house and found the owners a lovely, friendly elderly couple. The house was just as nice inside as outside, and although there were a few little compromises, there was nothing at all wrong with it, put in an offer, and were accepted! And so it was that as I mentioned, fourteen years ago almost today, we moved in!

Why had nobody bought it sooner? We have no idea… perhaps it was just waiting for us!



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