A koala, a canary, the Caicos Islands and later that same rainy day

I mentioned this morning that it was raining… I didn’t mention that we were going to Bath to see the Bath Society of Artists 111th Annual Exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery, and a couple of other galleries and exhibitions too…

We went by train and set off in a light drizzle… it rained on and off,off and on throughout the day, until as we emerged from the 44AD art gallery where we’d been looking at an exhibition entitled appropriately enough, ‘Taking the Waters’, the skies absolutely opened and there was a torrential downpour. It was about an hour until our train home but we decided to splash out way to the station, calling in on anything of interest on our way, and then wait for our train.

I soon discovered that my waterproof coat wasn’t waterproof, and wearing sandals was probably not a good idea… We arrived at the station and went to wait on our platform to discover it was flooded. We found a dry bit and sat, doing the crossword, watching a station attendant armed with a sort of huge squeegee push the water out of the entrance into the lifts and brush it over the edge of the platform…

As we watched, announcements were being made about flooding on the line at Swindon… and where was our train home coming from? London via Swindon… It soon became apparent that our journey home was not going to be as quick as our journey out.

The station official who was supervising the flood dispersal was very friendly, and when he saw my husband was doing a crossword he came over and chatted… he was obviously desperate to help my husband, but my husband is very jealous of his crosswords! Undeterred, the man whose name badge said was Peter, chatted on about how he loved crosswords, and acquiring knowledge, and told us several convoluted clues he had solved, one involving the word Nicosia… which led him onto saying he loved finding out things, and acquiring odd facts… Did you know, he said…

  • the Canary Islands aren’t named after canaries, but after the word for dog
  • koalas aren’t bears but arboreal herbivorous marsupials
  • Panama hats don’t come from Panama but from Ecuador
  • the Caicos islands are part of the chain of islands near Barbados

… and several other things too which I now can’t remember. He was such a friendly chap and had extremely shiny shoes, and no doubt would have entertained us some more but there was a lady in need of direction, so off he went to take her to where she needed to be to catch her train.

We didn’t wait for the London train but jumped on one from Cardiff and changed in Bristol, where we heard that the London train we would have caught was running thirty-nine minutes late…

If you are anywhere near Bath, do go and see the Bath Society of Artists exhibition, which includes work by my friends Ros and David Cuthbert and Jack Hicks. You could also pop in to see the ‘Taking the Waters’ exhibition, I particularly liked the work of Gail Mason and if I was rich I would have bought one!



My featured photo is of Bath on a lovely not rainy day

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