Some Military Manoeuvres at Verona

Another sonnet writer I have only just come across is Richard Monckton Milnes who was the 1st Baron Houghton of Great Houghton; he was born in 1809 and lived to be seventy-six, dying in Vichy in France. As well as a poet he was also a politician, and the patron of other writers and poets. He was an associate of Tennyson and Tennyson’s close friend Arthur  Hallam and was one of the members of the Apostles Club. This club was founded by a man who went on to become the Bishop of Gibraltar and it was a society for Cambridge undergraduates, and as you may guess it’s name derived from there being twelve members.

Feelings Excited by some Military Manoeuvres at Verona

What is the lesson I have brought away
After the moment’s palpitating glee?
What has this pomp of men, this strong array
Of thousands and ten thousands been to me?
Did I find nothing but the vision gay,
The mere phenomenon that all could see?
Did I feel nothing but the brute display
Of power,–the show of centred energy?
Trembling and humbled, I was taught how hard
It is for our strait minds at once to scan
The might of banded numbers, and regard
The individual soul, the living man;
To use mechanic multitudes, and yet
Our common human feelings not forget!

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