Bored… or not

Sadly, some people when they finish work, find that their lives are empty and they become lonely and bored… When I was able to escape work it was incredibly liberating! I felt free!! In some ways it reminded me of being a student – I’d left home and was living with friends, and yes we had to go to lectures, tutorials, and seminars, and work and write essays, but our actual lives were free! If we wanted chocolate cake for breakfast or corn flakes and Guinness for dinner, yes we could! (Actually I never had corn flakes and Guinness, but I knew people who did!)

Now that I’m free in a different way I could still have chocolate cake for breakfast if I wanted… which I don’t… but sometimes at mealtimes we decide we’re not that hungry so have a bacon sandwich, or peanut butter on toast – we are unregulated! We can do as we please…

…or can we? Actually we are so busy, and not just with me writing and my husband doing his art and being in his band… but in other things too! For example, look at my last six days:

  • Saturday, met friends for lunch at Knighthayes Court, back to their home for dinner
  • Sunday, visited my sister
  • Monday, creative writing group, (in the evening chauffeured husband to his ukulele meet-up in a local pub, and brought him home afterwards)
  • Tuesday teaching English in he morning, French conversation in the afternoon, had a friend around for a couple of hours, pub quiz in the evening (husband had band practice before meeting us in the pub later)
  • day trip to Bath with husband’s art group
  • today ‘publishing and promotion’ writer’s grouplet, took son to dental hospital in Bristol (husband had his other art group this evening)
  • tomorrow Saxlish group

It’s no wonder in a way I’m struggling to keep up with my writing! … and I’m never bored!


  1. David Lewis

    At our YMCA we have dance classes for the ladies and they all have fun and a great workout and water aerobics in the pool. Doing exercise with a fun group is the way to go for you I think.

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