On a Scene in Tuscany

I’ve only been to italy once, way back in the 1970’s. We travelled across France, had a brief couple of hours in Switzerland before plunging into Italy. We went to Venice for a week or so, then travelled across to Florence. I really didn’t care for Venice… maybe we were there at the wrong time (July/August) but it seemed unfriendly, expensive… and strangely dull… yes, I know everyone else thinks it’s wonderful , but whatever its wonders they passed me by. Florence I absolutely loved… I felt so at home there, so relaxed just loved it! I can’t actually remember the camp site we stayed in, I vaguely remember being in pine groves, but I remember drifting round the city, just enjoying the atmosphere.

here is another sonnet by Richard Monckton Milnes:

On a Scene in Tuscany
What good were it to dim the pleasure glow
That lights thy cheek, fair girl, in scenes like these,
By shameful facts and piteous histories?
While we enjoy, what matters what we know?
What tender love-sick looks on us below
Those mountains cast! how courteously the trees
Raise up their branching heads in chalices
For the thick vine to fill and overflow!
This nature is like thee, all-bright, all-mild;
If then some self-wise man should say, that here
Hate, sin, and death held rule for many a year,
That of this kindliest earth there’s not a rood
But has been saturate with brother’s blood,
Believe him not, believe him not, my child


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