Casting clouts in May

I’ve mentioned the old rhyme about ‘ne’er cast a clout till May/may is out’ and whether it means the month of May or the hawthorn, and I’ve mentioned that I’ve made a resolution to try and get rid of things; it was an idea to get rid of one thing every day, and through the first quarter of the month I managed that…

In April we were very busy, and although I haven’t been quite as assiduous I think I reached my thirty items target. Some of the things were quite small, just odd bits and pieces which had been poked at the back of drawers, in boxes underneath other stuff, in the back of cupboards, and some have been more of what I’ve already got rid of, books (including cookery books) CDs, DVDs, clothes, shoes, kitchen items, Christmas decorations, jewellery, old notebooks…

I have been through magazines which I’d kept, saved particular recipes or articles – but also been through other saved recipes and articles, discarding ones I knew I would never make or use. It has been hard to actually throw away in the bin things which I feel sure would be useful to someone, but are too battered or worn to give to a charity shop… box files, ring-bind folders, worn socks not in pairs… but I’ve done it. Black bin bags are great,once something is in one you can’t see it any more, and you’re not prompted to think ‘it might come in handy, someone might want/need/use it…’

So, now we are in May, halfway through the month… and have I continued… I’m not sure I have but my efforts have prompted my husband, and he has gone through his art/music room – this is actually a lovely sun room on the back of the house, which we can never use as such because it is full of his stuff… well, he has been through all his things, and thrown away bags and bags of stuff, as well as finding lots of things he had forgotten/lost/didn’t know he had/had no idea where it came from… We can now see the carpet! he can now find things! he can now get to his practice drum kit!

My next scheduled chore (after going through the zipped bags under the beds), is to get everything down from the loft and go through it, then on a nice sunny day go through the garage… Oh and there are the old photos to continue to sort, and the old research i did for my family history, some of which has no connection to my actual family but just side-tracked me into someone else’s history which seemed interesting at the time…


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