I have broken biscuits…

img019My mum often copied recipes down into her cookery books, as well as keeping others cut or torn from magazines. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone when they see something written by someone who they loved, written long ago in a casual and ordinary way… just a jotting or a note, nothing significant or important… just a recipe for chocolate cake made from broken biscuits… Mum wrote ‘(rich)’ but I wonder if she meant ‘(fridge)’?
I have broken biscuits, – biscuits in the state of being broken, not that I broke… Is breaking biscuits with someone one up on breaking bread with them? … I’ll try her recipe for my English class next week!

One Comment

  1. koolaidmoms

    I love my mother’s handwritten recipes. I have one that she wrote – Grease pan dummy! on because it was not written on her original recipe and she must have been following it once and forgot to grease the pan. I love them!


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