Cooking mushrooms quickly

I wrote about mushrooms, toadstools and fungi yesterday… and then got to wondering what Mr Philip Harben had to say about them… In his little Cooking Quickly book, he had a couple of pages all about them,starting off with advice not to bother peeling mushrooms but just wipe off ‘superficial dirt’. You would think ‘mushrooms on toast’ wouldn’t need a recipe, but Mr Harben gives one, written as usual in his amusing and friendly style

Fried mushrooms on toast (12 mins – 2 people)

for 4 oz of mushrooms allow 2 oz of butter or margarine.
That seems a lot of fat, doesn’t it? Mushrooms are gluttons for it, they will soak  up nearly half their weight in fat if you let them. The fresher they are, the less they take.
Cut or break the mushrooms up if they are big: leave ‘button’ ones whole. salt them rather heavily, and fry in plenty of good fat for about 7 minutes. meanwhile do some toast and butter the outer edges only – the middle will get quite enough fat when the mushrooms are piled on it.

He also gave a recipe for grilled mushrooms on fried bread, and also adds that fried mushrooms on fried bread would just be too much fat! He offers three other recipes:

  • mushrooms south of France style – fried with chopped streaky bacon, plenty of garlic and herbs
  • mushroom fritters
  • mushroom and potato fritters – slices of potato and mushroom squeezed together, battered and fried

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