The answers… at quiz night…

Going to our pub the Dolphin for quiz night isn’t just about answering questions in the quiz. It’s meeting friends:

  • son, girlfriend, her mother, their friends (who are our friends too)
  • our team-mates – the purveyors of the best ice-cream in the south-west, our friend who is about to emigrate, our friends who live in Portishead and South Africa
  • rival teams, eg Taz & Co, Nigel and team, Richard and team, (our friend Tim, wife and team are on a cruise, the Badminton lot didn’t arrive, and others were randomly absent)
  • the chaps who give out the papers,collect the money, collect the left over papers
  • new people who we have never met before

It’s about learning new things and remembering things we already know, it’s about exercising our brains, drinking great beer (Otter) being in pleasant company,keeping the village pub vibrant and successful…

It’s also about actually winning from time to time!


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