Do people still use the term ‘pin-up’ meaning a person, usually someone famous whose picture is stuck up on notice boards and walls to be admired and sometimes drooled over?

I suppose my first pin-up who I had pictures of on my bedroom wall was when I was ‘in love with’ George Harrison! I just thought he was gorgeous and my interest in him and love of the Beatles coincided with magazines such as ‘Fab 208’ printing big pictures of them and other bands, or groups as we called them then. I’m sure like most fans I would day-dream about meeting George, and then I moved on to Steve McQueen, Eric Porter (from the Forsyte Saga, – oh Soames Forsyte, how misunderstood you were! My friends fell into two groups, the Soames side and the Irene side) when I was doing my degree it was Christopher Lee… gradually, my imaginings changed and the ‘pin-ups’ I thought about became characters in stories I wrote, and then just inspiration for new stories…

I don’t day-dream about pin-ups any more, but I’m constantly thinking about my characters and my stories, they are always in my head, doing things, conversing, involved in the story-lines I’m writing. A story I haven’t started yet but is lurking in the wings, is about a person, probably a woman but not necessarily, who is completely happily married and with a family, and not looking for an affair or improper relationship; she has someone she  thinks is really attractive, or is interesting or appealing… In effect, a pin-up, but he is an actual person she knows… except she doesn’t ‘know’ him in reality. Maybe he works in a shop she goes into, or is a librarian at the library she visits – or the art gallery or the museum… Maybe he is someone who works in another part of the building she works in and she sees him in the canteen, in the lift, passes him on the stairs… of course, as I mentioned it may not be a woman, it maybe a man, I haven’t quite decided…

The crux of the story is, when does the liking/admiring/being interested in change from an innocent silly thing to something more serious… When does she see him in the street and follow him, find out where he lives, find out about his wife and children, and where she works and they go to school… is it still silly and innocent and a bit weird? or is it just weird and not very nice, and in fact potentially dangerous?

Hmmm, time for some more pondering…

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