I love cookery books, and even after weeding out so many, I still must have about a hundred… and I do use them as well as read them. However, like lots of people I do also look up recipes on-line. Sometimes it’s for a dish including an unusual ingredient I’ve got which none of my hundred books seem to know about, sometimes despite there being so many recipes in my collection, sometimes I want a different recipe. Sometimes for old staples like chocolate cake or Yorkshire puddings there are conflicting recipes… or I want to know the history of a dish, or something about how the ingredients are produced, or what something I’ve seen in a whole food shop is… So yes, I do loads of clicks to do with cooking and baking.

I came across an article which had figures for the most clicked on recipes in 2014-15:

  1. Fluffy American pancakes
  2. Basic pancakes with sugar and lemon
  3. Vanilla cupcakes
  4. Basic butter-cream icing
  5.  Shortbread
  6. Apple crumble
  7. Mary Berry’s perfect Victoria sandwich
  8. Easy chocolate cake
  9. Banana bread
  10. Great sausage casserole
  11. Scones
  12. Gingerbread men
  13. Pancake Day pancakes
  14. Roast pork with crackling
  15. Cheese sauce

Looking through the list there were quite a few I’ve researched… basic butter-cream – despite the number of cakes I make and icing I do, I still can’t make a satisfactory butter-cream, so yes, I’ve looked it up! Apple crumble – well wouldn’t you think it’s the simplest thing, apples plus three ingredients… can I make it? Can I heck! It’s either a soggy mess like uncooked cake mix, or it’s as hard as a very hard thing, or it has no flavour, or it’s just a mess of crumbs, so once again, yes! I’ve looked up apple crumble… Banana bread, I’ve made successful banana bread but I’m always on the lookout for a ‘new  twist’ as Masterchef hopefuls say. I had to find a gluten-free recipe for scones, and I found an extremely successful one, hurrah! But sausage casserole? No… it’s on my hate list, I can’t bear it, boiled, stewed sausages, no thanks!

Here is a link to the article:

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