… and this week at the quiz…

Tuesday is the night when the quiz in our pub takes place, our pub being the Dolphin. It’s a great quiz because there is an element of luck in who wins because the answers are written down on a grid like a Bingo sheet; the first person who has a line of answers – horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or the four corners, of correct answers gets a prize, and then the person with the most correct answers wins the main prize. After that is the beer round – a completely random question, which no-one is likely to know the answer to – tonight it was in which year was the American boy scout movement started – the person with the answer nearest to the true answer wins free beer next quiz night.

So tonight the pub was strangely empty… no Taz and friends at the bar, no Tim and friends adjacent to us, no young people who are attached to us… and even in the other parts of the pub, the cross benches (the bit between the two main bars) and the dart board end. there weren’t the usual number of teams. Sometimes it’s so full that it’s difficult to find even a stool to sit on, even a bit of the bar to lean on, but not tonight… there were only about six teams…

It may have been quiet in terms of numbers, but we had the usual amount of noise in our team – banter, jokes, comical comments, in between whispered deliberations on the answers. We did really well in both rounds with high scores… but other teams did better! We didn’t mind, we do have success fairly regularly and it’s better for the wins to be shared around… and anyway, the most important reason for being there, isn’t the winning, isn’t even just the taking part, but enjoying being in each other’s company.


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