Pogging along

A couple of days ago I wrote about Ruth Drew’s household hints for the happy housewife; this was from a book published in the 1960’s but a collection of Ruth Drew’s writing and broadcasts. She broadcast advice, recipes, helpful hints during the war, but she had been a journalist and broadcaster before that; she was much loved by her friends, colleagues and listeners, appreciated for sensible advice and her witty and humorous way of expressing it. Sadly she died far too soon, at the age of fifty-two.

However, we can still enjoy her sensible advice and funny ways of expressing things, making up words as she went along (for example, ‘pog’ meaning to trundle along on a bike, ‘poufflicated’ – feeling hot)

Here are some more examples of her suggestions of resolutions a happy housewife should make from her book ‘The Happy Housewife’; many are still practical, some are outmoded, and most are an interesting peek into our social history:

  • put clean linen away at the bottom of the pile – and take out from the top
  • defrost the refrigerator before icing-up is severe
  • see that a sewing-bag, accessibly parked, is stocked with a repair job awaiting attention, so it’s on hand when you want to listen to the radio or talk to a caller
  • keep all kitchen knives sharp and so save endless time in the kitchen
  • budget so that the house runs on the principal of ‘something in reserve’. This applies particularly to such things as matches, lavatory paper, soap, electric light bulbs, essential first-aid equipment, postage stamps
  • keep shoe brushes and cleaning cloths washed and free from stale clogging polish
  • take shoes for repair as soon as wear is apparent
  • plan behind so that you are not left behind when Thoughtful Ones are staking claims for the decorators,sweep, dry cleaners of furnishings, coal merchant
  • keep filed for quick reference all washing, cleaning and servicing instructions supplied by manufactures with their various products
  • wind string salvaged from parcels into neat twists and keep it tidily in a box or bag beside the folded brown paper and tissue paper similarly collected
  • stock up with household purchases by buying (where possible) in large packets, tins etc. This works out less expensively than buying in penny numbers
  • see that the larder is provided with adequate covers for food, so that flies are thwarted
  • wash milk bottles thoroughly before putting them on the doorstep for collection


    1. Lois

      Beer in the fridge.. a alien concept… Just home from a lovely few days in the Netherlands… they do like cold beer… but now we are home and down to the Dolphin for the quiz and of course… beer!


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