Domestic calamities

Most of us live in such hi-tech homes with all the lotions, potions, gumptions and sprays, electrical equipment and in the last rather wasteful resource, the ability to get another of whatever it is because there’s so much available so cheaply.

When Ruth Drew was broadcasting and writing through the 1940’s and 50’s, this was not the case and in her book The Happy Housewife, she ahs a whole section on ‘Domestic Calamities’… here’s a brief summary of how she can help you –

  • burnt saucepans
  • candlewax on polished tables
  • candlewax on tablecloth
  • chewing gum on seat of trousers
  • dingy nylons
  • heat marks and scratches on polished tables

…and a further long list of the dreaded ‘stains’ – every household management book seemed to deal with this at great length:

  • cod liver oil
  • coffee and tea
  • dandelion
  • fruit
  • grass
  • grease
  • hair lacquer stains on mirrors
  • ink stains on material
  • ink stains on wood
  • ironmould
  • lipstick
  • mildew
  • scorch (slight)
  • soot
  • stains inside silver teapots
  • tannin stains on plastic
  • tar
  • transfer marks
  • varnish
  • wine stains on tablecloth

Aren’t we lucky that we no longer have to contend with so many household difficulties – mostly it’s on with the Vanish and into the washing machine, or out with the spray or the carpet cleaner… Lucky us!


  1. David Lewis

    No wine, shellfish, etc. All the foods I love are taboo. Got all the money to indulge myself but lead a spartan existence. Gotta be a moral here.


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