summer’s splendid heat

For our writing today, we looked at an Anglo-Saxon verse… none of us speak it, but we just loved the sound of it, and there was a translation which helped us work out what it meant.

Forst sceal freosan, fyr wudu meltan,
eorðe growan, is brycgian,
wæter helm wegan, wundrum lucan
eorðan ciðas. An sceal onbindan
forstes fetera, felamihtig God.
Winter sceal geweorpan, weder eft cuman,
sumor swegle hat. Sund unstille,
deop deada wæg, dyrne bið lengest.

I’ve been having a play about with it – this is not a translation, but an interpretation, as I have just used a dictionary and the original translation.

Frost shall freeze, and fire consume the wood,
earth will grow ice bridges,
water wears  a helm,
wondrously enclosing seeds in the earth.

One alone shall unbind
frost’s fetters: almighty God.
Winter shall be cast off, the firmament comes anew,
with summer’s splendid heat,
secrets will be held the longest
in the billowing torpid depths of the restless sea

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