More inspiration…

Working hard editing my next novel, and I have just got to the chapter where someone’s partner leaves home, taking the children, and what really rubs salt in the wound that the person who has stolen that love is a member of the family – what betrayal! I hope I have managed to make it as much of a shock to the reader as to the characters – and I hope I have satisfactorily explained the back story in subsequent chapters… I hope!

This song, and the poignant lyrics could almost be a soundtrack to this scene:

Sometimes I fool myself and make believe
That when you’re in his arms
You’ll think of me
Though you’re not here with me…



  1. David Lewis

    In an interview with President Jimmy Carter he was asked if he ever committed adultery. His answer was no but he lusted in his heart and that’s the same thing. Hope he didn’t talk in his sleep!

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