What May Happen


In 1900, John Elfreth Watkins Jr., son of an American civil engineer working on the railroads, wrote an article to the Ladies’ Home Journal. It was the sort of article which might be expected to be published at the turn of a century and it was titled ‘What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years’.

Amazingly enough, quite a number of his predictions have come true, or come to pass to a certain extent. here are just a few examples:

  •  he suggested that people would buy ready cooked meals; hundreds of thousands are bought and eaten every day, certainly in the USA and the UK
  • many greenhouses are lit and heated by electricity – and more and more is generated by renewable resources
  •  the internet and satellite television are universal
  • military tanks are a part of every military armoury
  • selective breeding, scientific research, genetic engineering, consistent and controlled growing has mean that fruit is larger and more regular in size and shape, and no doubt bigger, vegetables will have their growth regulated to grow more quickly and grow bigger
  • X-rays are used everywhere, in every hospital and many other clinics and surgeries as routine,
  • ditto ultrasound technology
  • ditto CAT Scan technology
  • ditto digital colour photography
  • lack of physical exercise is a disastrous aspect of modern western society
  • cars dominate personal transport, and there are many elevated and underground roads
  •  he accurately predicted how much taller Americans would be – he said between one and two inches and it’s about that

Here is a link to John Watkins predictions:




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