Cream tea, again…

We had a lovely cream tea today… not in a tea room but in a garden overlooking a valley running down to the sea and then across to wales…

Here is something I wrote about tea rooms:

One of the nice things about good tearooms, is that there are always interesting things to look at while you enjoy your cream tea or coffee and carrot cake or whatever has taken your fancy.

We were in Burnham, a small town further down the coast from us, and we went into a triangular-shaped tearoom which used to be a wok restaurant. We never managed to visit it as a restaurant, but we popped in for a cup of coffee… ok, I know it’s  a teashop and we should have had tea, but we fancied coffee. having said it’s nice to have interesting things to look at this place had gone overboard and there was hardly a scrap of wall visible between pictures and plaques and boards with comical mottoes and sayings. Every window sill had things crammed on it, and it was all a little distracting. Good coffee though!

MINEHEAD (7)Tearoom in Minehead

tearoom 3Tearoom in Axbridge

DSCF2693Tearoom in Glasgow


    1. Lois

      It seems more to be the eaters than the servers – I am shocked to discover that both my children prefer cream on first… oh well… I guess that means they haven’t inherited my greedy gene… and also means they have loads of cream left which “others” 😉 can share!

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