What to call it

Names, names, names… it doesn’t matter whether you’re naming children, naming characters in a novel or, I guess naming a boat, it is such a conundrum! When we were thinking of names for our as yet unborn children we quite liked Ursula… until someone said ‘oh, Urshulla, Urshulla…’ and it quite put us off… similarly thinking Flavia sounded nice, we mentioned it to a friend who said, ‘oh, Flaviour of the month…’ ho-hum, back to the drawing board…

A group of us writers are thinking of having a joint blog.. and thinking of a name was just as difficult; we live near the Somerset L Levels so were pondering on names including the word level… on the level, level up, the levellers… then we thought of things to do with Somerset, or the Somerset symbol the dragon…

I had a play around with quotes from famous writers…

  • the moving finger writes
  • the lightning bug and the lightning
  • the glint of light on broken glass

… but somehow they didn’t sound quite right for what we wanted… and then I thought of the names of Somerset villages…

  • Andersea to Vobster and all points between

and even made one up…

  • Wittering-sub-Scribble

We came to no conclusion… but no doubt we shall!



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