What was that number?

I received a suspicious email from my bank… I looked on-line and couldn’t find how to report it so found a phone number. of course I received one of those impersonal voices asking me things – actually she was quite pleasant and natural sounding…

I had the email there before me… but of course I needed my bank details… I rang off and got my details to hand and tried again… in went all the various numbers but then I needed the security code… ran downstairs to find it, ran back up, keyed it in… then she was asking me whether I would do a survey after my call… meanwhile someone outside, some neighbour had started up a very noisy power tool so I missed the next bit… I closed the window and she was telling me to say 1 for yes and 2 for no… I tried to ask her what it was yes and no about, but she paid no attention and asked me again… I pressed 1 at random and eventually I got through to an actual real person.

She too was very friendly; I explained about my suspicious email and straightaway she asked if it was about such and such and yes! indeed it was! It turns out, these emails were genuine but sent out in error to several customers including me. She apologised, hoped I had a pleasant evening and we said cheerio…

Oh well, I suppose it’s better to be safe than sorry!

I have had such a busy day – taking son to work, meeting friend, writers’ meeting and then out tonight… I need to squeeze in a bit of writing now!!

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