Home town special

I love regional specialities, and whenever we go anywhere I’m always on the look out for something local – and last week I was delighted to try my first ever Coventry godcake!

I’ve written about other dishes and desserts from towns and village, counties and countries, and I got to wondering if there was anything associated with my home town of Cambridge. I guess Chelsea buns from Fitzbillies is what the city is most famous for – but they are called Chelsea buns, not Cambridge buns.

I did come across a four hundred year old recipe for a Cambridge pudding; it is a yeasted boiled pudding with dates, currants, rose water and spice, and a ‘deep hole’ in the middle is filled with butter, which no doubt suffuses the pud as it cooks; it was served with a sauce made from sherry, butter and sugar… which I am not sure would appeal to our tastes today!

Jamie Oliver has a recipe for Cambridge burnt cream which seems to be like a baked custard flavoured with vanilla, and i have found several recipes for a Duke of Cambridge tart; we now have a Duke of Cambridge, and I guess he must have been served his own tart many times. It actually sounds very delicious, a pastry base filled with different sorts of fruit or dried fruit according to which recipe you look at, then covered with a buttery, sugary, eggy, lemony mixture and baked in the oven. One recipe I saw suggested raisins and glacé cherries, another just candied peel,and another suggested chunky marmalade. One rather delicious sounding one asks for ‘heavily preserved fruits’ with extra kirsch – especially if you are using cherries.

Next time we have friends coming for a meal, I must try and remember to bake a Duke of Cambridge tart!

By the way, my featured image is of the Portland Arms where my dad lived from being a child… it’s in Cambridge of course!


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