A place I love…

One of my favourite places to visit in Northern Ireland is Benvarden Garden. The settlement of this land may be controversial, but whatever our thoughts about the rights and wrongs of the past, it happened… and this estate was established sometime in the 1630’s; it came into the possession of the Montgomery’s just before the turn of the eighteenth century, and over the next twenty years the estate was landscaped. It has a most magnificent and well-kept Walled Garden and  this has been in constant use over the last two hundred and forty odd years.

BENVARDIN (71)There is everything you might want in a wonderful garden… mysterious woods…

BENVARDIN (90)…an even more mysterious pool, which is actually called the Woodland Pond…

BENVARDIN (95)…its waters black with peat…

BENVARDIN (117)… and abandoned buildings…


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