Walnut plum and orange conserve

Some recipes beckon before you’ve even read them through to see how easy or difficult, possible or impossible to make! I really enjoy making jam – and jelly and other conserves… the only thing is we don’t actually eat much of that type of thing so then I have to find people to give it away to!

In a second-hand bookshop in Coleraine, I came across a small book, more than sixty years old with recipes for jams, jellies and preserves… mow doesn’t this recipe sound just delicious?

Walnut, plum and orange conserve

  • 4 lbs plums
  • 2 lbs peeled and chopped apples
  • 2 oranges
  • juice of one lemon
  • ½ lb walnuts
  • sugar
  • ½ lb seeded raisins
  1. split plums and remove stones, then cut into pieces
  2. slice oranges finely and add with apples, raisins and lemon juice
  3. measure and add 1 cup of sugar to each cup of fruit
  4. cook very gently until thick
  5. add chopped walnuts and pot

I might try this if some plums come my way later in the year!

By the way, the book featured in my featured image, is not the one where you will find this recipe!


      1. Lois

        What a very good Husb… are they on canes, like raspberries? … maybe we should find a little space for some as our raspberries have failed this year – the whole plants, not just the fruit.

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      2. Rosie Scribblah

        No they grow like a blackberry, I train them up against a wall in the garden and along string on the allotment. Cut back the canes that have fruited in a couple of weeks and tie in the new ones that have already grown. The local birds are not that interested, although they scoff the Tayberries and Boysenberries which are similar. They’re very easy and we get loads, about 4 kilos so far and still plenty ripening. Haven’t started picking the allotment ones yet, they’re a bit later as they’re in a more exposed site

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