Sharing what we write

Over the last five years I have been able to write full-time – which has been wonderful, to do what I have always dreamt of doing! I write this blog every day, and I also do my own writing. I have published several of my novels on Amazon, through Kindle Direct Publishing. I also lead two writing groups – I say lead rather than teach because I feel it should be a collaborative thing – I might organize and in a way direct, but I learn too. I have recently joined another writing group  which I know will prove interesting and stimulating.

A couple of months ago, a couple of fellow writers and I started to meet to think about promoting and publicising our work; to begin with, we had to answer the question, why do we want to publicise our work? Is it to catch more readers, or is it something about why we write – or tell stories anyway?

Writing is about engaging and relating to others, we need an audience, even if it is only ourselves. I suppose it’s the same as musicians; you can write your music and play your instrument and sing your songs and enjoy doing just that – but how much fun it is to have others listen to and play your music, join in and play with you, enjoy what you are doing, and share their talents as well!

So having had this discussion, our little group decided to create another blog with that aim in mind, to share, promote and publicise not just our work, but the work of other writers, particularly those in Somerset and the surrounding areas… but actually we’re quite flexible really in terms of a writer’s location! A way to attract other writers is through other social media, so we have a Facebook page, and shortly will be tweeting on Twitter.

Have a look at our blog – it’s only new, but already there are some interesting pieces on it! We have called our blog The Moving Dragon Writes… we were inspired by the lines from Fitzgerald’s translation of the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, ‘The moving finger having writ moves on’, and the Somerset emblem of a dragon. Find us here:

… and if you want to read our work, here is a link to our Amazon pages:

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