Drive safe

I know ‘drive safe’ isn’t correct, but it’s just a funny line from ‘Hot Fuzz’… however, driving to visit my sister, about ten miles there and ten miles back, I saw some very unsafe driving… stupid, careless, dangerous driving:

  • going through a very small village with vehicles parked on either side and very few places to pull in, the road rises to a low crest, so there is an incline on either side. I was following a sports car and it waited in a safe place to let a huge tractor and trailer through (we live in Somerset, it’s nearing harvest time and the roads are full of farm machinery. The woman in the sports car knew the tractor driver and waved at him… and he waved back with one hand, his other hand holding a mobile phone to his ear as he accelerated up the slight incline… I admit I closed my eyes
  • coming back onto the main road having visited my sister, turning right across the traffic, I waited for a stream of motorbikes heading in the same direction as I was. It’s common on a lovely summer day for bikers to visit the seaside… They sped past, some two abreast, and I noticed them overtaking cars even though there was a hatched double white line and a junction on the left, I turned into the stream of traffic and more bikes came up behind me so I kept to the left so they could safely overtake… I didn’t expect them to overtake in pairs, nor to overtake me on a bend. We got to a junction onto a very busy, very fast A-road; a car was waiting to turn right, and the bikes manoeuvred themselves all round the car and then crossed in bunches of two and three. A car pulled up beside them as if to turn left, but he turned right as they did… again I crossed my eyes. As I got to the junction, more bikes came up and squeezed ahead of me… I just waited until they were all gone. I saw them doing the same thing at the next set of traffic lights; cars were in a queue to go straight on, the bikes turned across in front of them so the cars had to wait…
  • Nearly home and driving along a small town road; there is a cycle track painted clearly with a thick white line so cyclists can safely ride along without cars coming too close. So what did I see? A cyclist going along in the cycle lane, and half a dozen others on the path riding along under-taking him… thank goodness there weren’t any pedestrians…

So, a tractor driver, bikers, cyclists… I didn’t see any naughty motorists… which makes a change!


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