So… on Saturday morning I had my Gaelic class; I got up in plenty of time, showered dressed, kissed my husband cheerio,  collected my things and went round the corner, literally, to the village hall, the Victory Hall, where we meet once a month with our dear teacher who comes all the way from Essex. When I arrive, my friend is already there, and we have a hug, and the teacher is there, and we have a hug, and then we begin to get everything ready.

First of all, fill the kettles and get ready to make tea and coffee for all the gang. Then into the room where we meet and arrange the tables and chairs. Various people arrive, lots of hugs and kisses and exchange of news. Then I realise I’ve forgotten a file and some books, so I nip back home, literally round the corner, and get what I need, kiss my husband again and go back to the hall.

Other people have arrived so more hugs and catching up with each other’s news. The lesson is about to begin, so I sit down between Seamus and Éilís and off we go. We begin with a general exchange of news, move on to some notices about a forthcoming Gaelic weekend, and then look at our ‘homework’.

It’s time for a break; so we all mill around, making coffee, gossiping, exchanging news, washing up, chit-chatting… Back to work and a couple of hours later it’s time to go… So taking out the tables and chairs, washing up, putting away, chatting and gossiping, saying cheerio, hugs and kisses…

I walk literally round the corner, back home; in I go, kiss husband, go and get some lunch, sit and chit-chat with husband about what he’s been doing. We decide we need something from a particular shop so we tidy up and put the lunch things away and get ready to go. I brush my hair…

… and I look in the mirror and I have toothpaste all over my cheek!! Why did no-one tell me? My husband, my friends, my teacher… no-one said!! Good grief!

One Comment

  1. David Lewis

    Maybe the toothpaste rubbed off from one of the gang you were hugging? Sounds more like a hippie love fest than Gaelic class. Can I join?


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