Don’t want to be a copy-cat

I was going to write about that strange thing which happens, typified by the saying ‘I waited two hours for a bus and then two came along at once’ One example I was going to use was yesterday; my husband was reading out something from the newspaper and mentioned someone called Tyrrell… we knew someone with that name, but that wasn’t the thing, the thing was I looked back to what i had been reading and the first word I saw was ‘Tyrrell’.

I had a provisional title for what I was going to write, ‘and then two came along at once’; I thought I’d check out the saying about the buses, and see how long it had been used and if a similar thing had been said before there were buses… “I don’t know, I wait all day for a stage-coach and then two come along at once...”

So I find, not one but two pieces with my title already out there, plus several others with a similar title… oh well… And I can’t find where the saying first originated.

The second ‘two came along at once’ thing which happened was that yesterday I blogged about chimney-sweeping, as we were having our chimney swept. When it happened at home when we were children, it was so exciting! The sweep himself, with his skin covered with soot, the smell of the soot, the brush poking out of the chimney, and then the sweep departing (I think on a bicycle – unless I’m mis-remembering that) with the bag of soot… It was so exciting! Many of the stories I read as  a child, including ‘The Water Babies’ by Charles Kingsley, featured children who were sent up chimneys…

So having had a visit from the sweep, having written about chimney sweeping, I open the newspaper and there is an article about modern-day chimney sweeps. Apparently, skilled trades like chimney sweeping are being taken up by people who want to escape the pressures of other jobs; the sweep in the article had been a teacher who gave up to become a house-dad and didn’t want to go back into school. He got talking to someone who had been high up in management but had left to become a sweep… so the ex-teacher, ex-house-dad did the same.

Here is a link to the article, if you want to read more!

…and if you’re intersted in buses and their frequency, have a look here:

Two Come Along at Once


  1. David Lewis

    I met Ken Tyrrell at the Canadian Grand Prix years ago by chance. His Formula 1 race car had six wheels, four at the front. It never proved a good idea but was fun to look at. My tent caught on fire when the stove blew up. Good thing I was young, drunk and agile as I escaped unharmed. Good memories.


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