When a wrong turn is right

Today I had a lovely day meeting friends in London;as we came from different places we arranged to meet near the statue of Eros at Piccadilly Circus… actually the statue isn’t really Eros even though he is always called that, he is in fact Anteros, his brother. My train arrived into Paddington station and since it was quite a nice day, I decided to walk and see the sights on route, so off I set.
I had printed off a map and it all seemed quite straight forward, and anyway I could ring my friends, I could use my phone map, or I could ask someone if I went astray.

I stepped out and found Hyde Park and walked along beside it, found Oxford Street and walked along it, found Regent’s Street and… and realised I had gone wrong! it didn’t matter, I was in plenty of time, and I knew I’d turned left onto Regent’s Street not right, so turned back. Because I was on a day out I looked at things as I passed and suddenly noticed a window with some writing on it:


This was where my grandfather went! I’m not sure whether he would have attended the old building pre-1912, or this new one, but this was where he was a student! I was walking along streets he must have walked along hundreds of times!!

If I hadn’t gone wrong I wouldn’t have found it!

My great grandparents, Billy and Fanny with their four sons,
Reg, my granddad on the far right with his brothers and parents at about the age he would have been when he went to the Polytechnic.

In 1848 the  Bishop of London told the clergy to set up evening classes to improve the “moral, intellectual and spiritual condition of young men in the metropolis”. The Metropolitan Evening Classes for Young Men commenced which then became the City of London College and then the City of London Polytechnic.

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